Which types of fake id are 90+% safe?

fake id systems are mostly use in international countries. In India very rarely people can see the case which is related to invalid id proof. Mainly id cards are various types in India voter id card is the first priority for the id proof. In international countries mostly passports are the best id proof in many countries also many people can use their driving license as id proof.

Now here we discuss on which quality make id 90% safe. Firstly always prefer other states id proof for fake id because mostly bouncer of the pub know very well of the id of their country.
If customer can show the different states id bouncer not verify id is from different states or same states. The reason behind it the id of other states actually looks like same as their country. So that bouncer can’t find out id is not original.
Bouncer of the pub only knows about their own states id details and qualities. If some people can make same country fake id .they can easily find out the id is fake. Another most important point need to remember is always use original name and details because sometimes other states bouncers ask for show other id proof like student id, driving license.
If people are hiding their name on fake id it’s not good for their future. One day they are caught by someone if they show other id proof the name and details of other id is very different from id. This way person is facing many problems. Sometime police of the states arrest the people in the case of fraud.
In many states fraud people give big punishment plus some charges of money behalf release of the person. People can don’t forget at the time of showing fake id. They are 90% safe.