Adamant Double-Wall Alloy X5 Mountain Bike is on the market now!

Adamant Double-Wall Alloy X5 Mountain bike is the new addition in the flourishing cycle industry. The company has started a new project in the outdoor gear market and launches three bikes back to back in last year. Double Wall Alloy X5 mountain bike is the latest one amongst them.

What is a mountain bike?

Mountain bike is used to ride off the road, especially over bumpy grounds. It is specially designed with the sturdy frame, multiple gears and wide tires. If you are planning to ride forests, rough roads, hill roads that contain rocks and mud, mountain bikes are the perfect choice for you.images-3

Why Adamant Double-Wall Alloy X5 mountain bikes?

There are quite a few brand names in the bicycling manufacturing business, some of them are with multiple gears, and some of them have the frame made of carbon fiber titanium or steel alloy. But this very bike has few other characteristics, which make it more unique amongst the other available mountain bikes on the market.

  • It is designed in such way that you can ride both the city roads and the rough terrains with this bike.
  • The bike has a stubborn double alloy frame which makes it less expensive than the titanium frame other bike companies use. The price is now under $2000. The company also claims this bike to be durable because of the hard double alloy frame.
  • Apart from that, the X5 bike also contains a Mozo suspension fork, which makes the ride smoother.
  • The adamant bike also features Shimano 24 speed TX-800 drive train to make the journey easier for the newbie.
  • Mozo mechanical disk, a pair of Kenda tires and 26” double alloy frame provides a consistent grip in the ride.
  • The X5 bike is quite lightweight, which an extra point in riding the hilly roads, is.

If you are a newbie in mountain biking, you can totally go for the Adamant Double-Wall Alloy Mountain Bike. Its features make it reliable and consistent, and it is much competent in climbing ascents and descents.